Toffee vodka: a tribute to EJ's wine bar

For those of a certain age, who spent their teenage years in South Devon, EJ's was the weekly stop-off point on the way to drunken oblivion (and a few messy relationship decisions).  Although I'm sure we ordered quite a variety of drinks over the years,  every single visit was accompanied by a customary tray of toffee vodka shots.

EJ's Bar.jpg

Having most of a small bottle of vodka left over from my recent beetroot cured salmon efforts, it only felt appropriate to pay tribute to the EJ's nectar of my youth.  To be honest I was surprised at just how easy this was, with the only ingredients being vodka, some toffee, a pinch of sea salt... and a dishwasher...

If you want something to get a big-night-out off to a flying start, why not try my toffee and sea salt vodka.


Lemonade thief on the loose!

There are times when simple is good and finding a few lemons at the back of the fridge - at the same time as the sun finally decided to come out to play - meant just one thing,  time for lemonade!  I knocked up a quick jug (click here for the recipe) and left it in the fridge to chill, only to find on my return that the Lemonade fairies had drunk it all!  After questioning the rest of the household I am no closer to finding the culprit, but there is a reward for any information leading to an arrest...