Living below the line: let's eradicate childhood hunger

Fact: 1.2 billion people - 20 times the population of the UK and almost 20% of all the people on the planet - are living on less than £1/day. To help raise awareness of this extreme poverty, I've signed-up for the "below the line" challenge. Together with 25,000 others I'll be living on just £5  for 5 days.

Of course, a working week is nothing compared to a lifetime of having to scrape by, but I'll also be raising money for Action Against Hunger, an amazing charity committed to eradicating child hunger. So, if you'd like to help, please visit my just giving page and help me to support them. 

Help the House of St Barnabas transform lives

They say the majority of us are just one pay check away from being homeless. If that's true, the work of The House of St Barnabas is essential.  A private members club with a difference - they give people the skills, the support and the hope they need to work their way out of homelessness. 

Help change someone’s life for the better. The House of St Barnabas changed John’s life and if 15,000 people donate £5 they can help transform another 25 lives. Support them by donating £5 Text ‘JOHN20 £5’ to 70070. Please help them reach their target. #JohnsStory

A personal plea - the realities of Foie Gras

Having Foie Gras on the menu, always seems the mark of a special restaurant. However, when I first saw a full Foie Gras "in the flesh" I was amazed - think of a normal goose liver, but ten times the size and full of fat - quickly moving to outrage as I learned how it was produced.  I rarely get passionate about social issues, and I don't agree with everything that PETA stand for, but I can't support their efforts to raise awareness of this barbaric practice strongly enough. If you enjoy this "delicacy", take a look at the following video. If you still feel happy eating it then fair enough. But, if not, please join me and sign up to their campaign to pressure Fortnum & Mason to remove it from their shelves.