Toffee vodka: a tribute to EJ's wine bar

For those of a certain age, who spent their teenage years in South Devon, EJ's was the weekly stop-off point on the way to drunken oblivion (and a few messy relationship decisions).  Although I'm sure we ordered quite a variety of drinks over the years,  every single visit was accompanied by a customary tray of toffee vodka shots.

EJ's Bar.jpg

Having most of a small bottle of vodka left over from my recent beetroot cured salmon efforts, it only felt appropriate to pay tribute to the EJ's nectar of my youth.  To be honest I was surprised at just how easy this was, with the only ingredients being vodka, some toffee, a pinch of sea salt... and a dishwasher...

If you want something to get a big-night-out off to a flying start, why not try my toffee and sea salt vodka.