Chocolate sponge with a fancy name - what's the excitement about brownies?

Every week for the last six months, I've combined my fruit & veg run with a sneaky chocolate brownie.  

I have never had a particularly sweet tooth, and always thought they were overrated - just chocolate sponge cakes with a fancy name. That was until I found these chocolate brownies. Handmade in my local bakery, ridiculously gooey and stupidly moist. Finally, I've seen the light.

Following intensive research, I am now glad to confirm that it is physically impossible to eat more than one great brownie without crossing the line from inane grin to gut-wrenching-stomach-ache.

However, as I can't get my local baker to share his magic, I have decided to develop my own recipe to take him on. So, after a bit of research, and a few practice runs, here is my gooey double chocolate brownie recipe.