The answer to a harmonious family life - make your own cereal!

I am not sure if it's just Jay, or if all "other halves" use spurious statistics to hand out thinly veiled health plans to their unwitting spouses, but I think now is the time to say enough is enough.  This week I was casually informed that "80% of all fat people skip breakfast" and that my recent tendency to take an extra 10 minutes in bed rather than gulp down a bowl of tasteless gruel makes me "80% likely to get fat".  

Whilst I accept that in matters of argument Jay is always right, I pointed out that in this case she was on shaky ground for at least two reasons:

  • Statistically, this is a classic example of a false causal link
  • Empirically speaking, 80% of the regular customers at my local cafe eat a full English breakfast every day and 100% of them are fat.

In hindsight, however, I can confirm that my good wife was correct that missing breakfast is bad for your health - although in this case mainly because she gave me a broken nose for being cheeky. 


So, after recovering from my slightly pathetic nose bleed, I decided to have a go at making my own breakfast cereal.  Afterall, if Mr Kellog can turn out so many varieties how difficult can it be?  The answer as it turns out, is not very.  If you can mix some nuts, seeds and oats, a little oil, maple syrup, honey and some dried fruits, you too can make your own.  

I have to admit that I am slightly biased when it comes to my own food, but my nine month old daughter Sophia - too young to eat the finished product - licks my lips every time I eat some. So, if you want to put a smile on the face of your children, and avoid a punch in the face from your wife, homemade granola seems to be the answer!  

Click here for my homemade granola recipe.