Tea time treats - classic lemon tart

Since starting this blog my focus has been on creating recipes that people might want to cook so visitors have an incentive to actually hang around for a while. This has been fun, but hasn't left much time for me to really engage with other bloggers. Now that I have finally reached the point where I think there is enough here to keep people interested it's time to stop being a wall flower and start making friends in the blogging community.

As if to prove just how embarrassingly insular I've been I've only just discovered the world of blogging contests. This is a great way to meet new people and get some of my hard earned recipes out there, so I think it's time to get stuck in - starting with the May "tea time treats" contest run by the lovely ladies at Hedgecombers.com and Lavender and Loveage. They are looking for tart ideas this month (no, not that sort of tart) so I am submitting the "undisputed king of tarts" - tarte au citron. Just click on the picture below to get the full recipe.

Tea Time Treats