Eggs benedict - what it takes to put a smile on my face in the morning...

Whenever I have the choice between an extra 10 minutes in bed or a hearty breakfast I always choose the extra zzzzz's.  It doesn't matter if there is a full English on offer, pancakes with syrup, danish pastries or fresh berries.  The fact is, and it hurts me to admit this, I prefer sleep to food.

I have been grappling with this fact for a while, wondering whether it's time to share my guilt in therapy or close down this site and devote my efforts to persuading insomniacs to see the light (pun intended...). 

Luckily, thanks to Mrs P, there is hope.  After five years of focused effort she has finally managed to make me rise with a smile in the morning... using a bait of freshly made eggs benedict with smoked salmon ("eggs royale").

I'm going to stick my head out here and propose this as the finest breakfast on the planet.  I know this because, like all of the best things in life, it will give you a heart attack, it will make you fat but it will put a smile on your face.

Most people are scared to make this at home because of the dreaded hollandaise, which, they reason, is guaranteed to split. However, using the blender method is guaranteed to stop it splitting, so stop pussy footing around and give it a go.

Try Mrs P's excellent eggs benedict with smoked salmon and see exactly what it takes to get me excited in the morning!